We offer a professional and independent valuation service dedicated to the fair valuation of financial instruments, for business, accounting, and economic purposes.

We value a wide variety of financial instruments based on leading base assets. That includes foreign exchange rates, commodities, interest rates, and inflation.

That includes:

Furthermore, we provide other services that include:

* Given the company has an estimate of the fair value of its equity (through market quotes, recent equity transactions or through a fair value estimate).

In these valuations, 'Calc fellow' utilizes its proprietary proven models, based on closed-form modeling and Monte-Carlo simulation techniques.

Our advantages:

How does this work:

Contact us, and let’s have a talk. We want to be sure that we understand your needs, and what your requirements are, so we can get the job done.

After you provide the necessary information (such as bank statements or transaction authorization documents in English), our team will process your request.

You will receive a fair value estimation report, in English, within the number of business days specified per-service that you have selected. 

Our team will be at your service should any professional questions concerning the estimation arise.